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Proposed akoisexual/romantic flag by Kye[1]

Lithromantic (also known as akoiromantic or apromantic) is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum.

Somebody who is lithromantic can feel romantic attraction towards others and also enjoy being in romantic relationships but only in theory. They do not need the affection to be reciprocated, and as such do not usually feel compelled to seek out a relationship with their crush. Some lithromantics may also stop feeling their romantic attraction once in a relationship.

Someone who identifies as lithromantic can be romance repulsed, romance indifferent / neutral / apathetic towards romance, or romance positive. Like with any romantic orientation, lithromantic individuals can have any sexual orientation.

Due to controversy of appropriating lesbian culture[2], the term has been reclined[3] to be akoiromantic, as well as apromantic.



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